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see the winners of the eurobestlive 2005 - the european awards for creative excellence. we've seen already a lot of them in the advertising-blogosphere, but there are also some nice ones i didn't knew before. just click through the six categories of "print, tv/cinema, radio, outdoor, interactive and agency of the year" and watch some of the best commercials of 2005. "because

the new york times recently wrote that bloggers might risk their rebel reputation while accepting ads. "once a vehicle for anti-establishment, non-commercial writers, many internet blogs have been accepting money from u.s. corporations. no one tracks how much advertising money is flowing to web logs, but charlene li, an analyst at forrester research, a company that studies the impact of technology on

yesterday i met a friend, who brought a nice gadget from shanghai - the tv-b-gone universal remote control. this small remote control turns off virtually any television around you (17 meters range) by just pressing one button. when activated, it spends over a minute flashing out 209 different codes to turn off televisions, the most popular brands first. "tv-b-gone universal remote control

you all know how much time reading blogs and blogging can cost you every day. it is a little bit like an addiction, cause you don't want to miss something what has recently happened in the blogosphere and your business respectively. but especially if you are not earning money while blogging, it is getting difficult to read all the nice blogs