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huge run at google analytics

in the past few days nearly every web user (or better every blogger) came across the new .

the run at their service was as huge, that they had to halt new users from registering:

“according to the google analytics ‘sign up’ page, they have temporarily disallowed people from signing up. they also removed the “add new profile” link from inside analytics which previously allowed a single account to track up to 40 different web sites. with 234,725 analytics accounts created (and probably over 200,000 additional profiles), google has went from tracking zero to almost half a million in about a week.

and me noted, that stopped tracking our sites since last friday. now it’s working again, but luckily we got our accounts running before google halt their service.

but maybe stopping google analytics is also a marketing effort:

“a temporary ‘closing’ of new services might be as much about marketing as it is about ‘overwhelmed’ technology […] temporarily shutting registration down keeps people talking (as in these posts), buzz going, and interest/demand at a high level. sure, many might be upset (for various reasons) but might this be an example of any mention being a good mention.” by

om malik wrote “” and inside google ““.

additionally heise online reported, that the was completely off or rather sporadically unaccessible around 4 pm today. at this time google doesn’t know exactly why, but they expect some problems.

(via by and heise online)

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