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forget the hype and build cool stuff

like pointed out in his web 2.0 presentation.

here is one of this cool stuff!

max antoni recently launched his website and products after two years of development.

many of you heard about (asynchronous javascript and xml) and some other “web 2.0 technologies”, which offer completely new potentials to the web as we know it.

“the is a small and fast java-application-server, who offers you to create distributed web-applications with a dynamical web-interface in combination with the (rof). the web-applications created with this suite offer you a look & feel or usability as you know it from desktop-applications on a website.”

things like auto-completion while typing (known from your desktop mail-program) or drag & drop of an email to a folder are just two simple examples, which become possible in a web-application (see gmail or google suggest for instance).

the makes it easy to develop rich internet applications and is primarily addressed to web-developers.

in the you can download a free beta version of the evaserver sdk including tutorials as well as some .

if you have any further questions just visit max’ or drop him an email.

(via > > basicthinking)

p.s.: see also the

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