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sex sells

you all know how much time reading blogs and blogging can cost you every day. it is a little bit like an addiction, cause you don’t want to miss something what has recently happened in the blogosphere and your business respectively.

but especially if you are not earning money while blogging, it is getting difficult to read all the nice blogs around, writing a couple of “good” articles per week and working full time.

i’m sure that every blogger around here has filed some bloggable articles, links or media on his desktop or bookmark list, but doesn’t find the time to get in a nice blog-post.

that’s why this will only be another kind of article, cause i just don’t find the time to write an detailed article about social network analysis, web 2.0, social software, ajax or online marketing.

there are a couple of viral clips going around these days, here i will only point to three four of them.

at first there is a nice self promotional clip for the underestimated “” by (guerilla marketing). but please watch also the older “” by (via and ).

there is also coming up again with a paid service downloading portal and a viral promotional clip/microsite.

“at napster you get the whole thing”

get the whole thing

(via and )

the humo clip “” for (via ).

ok, one more – get this xbox 360 “” clip too (via ).

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