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i'm a firefox browser evangelist since their early days and the open source marketing website project www.spreadfirefox.com was stroke of genius and a milestone in word-of-mouth marketing or better customer evangelism. the spreadfirefox.com platform provides open conversation with their customers, information about what's going on at mozilla and providing all kinds of material to help firefox users to spread the

with thanks to tim bonnemann i made it to the most recent web monday silicon valley tonight, taking place at the socialtext headquarters - thanks for the host! more and more web 2.0 interested people showed up for networking, exchange of ideas and some nice presentations. "web monday is an informal gathering aimed at bringing together developers, designers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists,

yesterday i stumbled over a billboard by cingular at advergirl which reminded me to the more unintentional visual kidnappings in berlin. "vandalism, street-art or guerilla marketing?" while the recognizable cingular billboard* is volitional like it is, the "cut-outs" in berlin are called visual kidnapping as part of street-art - or was it volitional by these companies as well while fighting for consumer

business 2.0 is offering a complete online version of its monthly magazine at digital.business2.com with a special online media reader provided by olive software. some of the articles were provided as online version and pdf download before but now you can run over the pages of the whole magazine online easily. (via basic thinking and werbeblogger) [tags: business, business 2.0, magazine, startups, online