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web monday silicon valley

with thanks to i made it to the most recent tonight, taking place at the – thanks for the host! more and more web 2.0 interested people showed up for networking, exchange of ideas and some nice presentations.

“web monday is an informal gathering aimed at bringing together developers, designers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, researchers, web pioneers, inventors, bloggers, podcasters, end users and other folks interested in web 2.0. the goal is to better connect the german web 2.0 scene as well as improve transatlantic idea exchange between germany and the us”.

“mnemomap is a new way to search the internet. it combines technologies of social networking, search engines and other data sources to help you formulate search queries and find really relevant information […] in an interactive way mnemomap helps the user to refine search queries by providing alternative or additional search parameters on-the-fly. by providing tags, translations and many other data sources to find words mnemomap helps formulating a search query that delivers better results. and finally: mnemomap shows live search results.”

the presentation was hold by simon from germany via a (thanks for getting up at 4 am in the morning). is still in alpha but absolutely worth a try, that’s where search technology should go.

gernot was presenting his about “concept and prototypical implementation of an xml-aggregator for multimedia content” focusing on subscribable content in order to handle our growing information overload via powerful rss/xml technology and a tool called .

was presenting latest effort to bring advanced navigation and linking capabilities to the web nowadays named .

“the hyperscope is a high-performance thought processor that enables you to navigate, view, and link to documents in sophisticated ways. it’s the brainchild of doug engelbart, the inventor of hypertext and the mouse, and is the first step towards his larger vision for an open hyperdocument system.”

uses as its base file format and allows us to granularly access and link to and within documents (you should really work on page). btw, their release party is coming up in the beginning of september, so the product is still alpha and they .

told us about “location awareness through , but without the network” – which actually means via and caused a nice discussion if wouldn’t do it as well with less technological effort.

i had a good time, met nice people and will be at the next as well. check out on the event, the for more detailed information about the and where it takes place close to you if you wanna participate the next time.

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