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visual kidnapping

yesterday i stumbled over a billboard by cingular at which reminded me to the more unintentional visual kidnappings in berlin.

“vandalism, street-art or guerilla marketing?”

while the recognizable billboard* is volitional like it is, the “cut-outs” in berlin are called as part of street-art – or was it volitional by these companies as well while fighting for consumer attention?

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*cingular’s campaigns in the us are based on lines like “no more dropped calls” and “raising the bar” (cell phone reception) which is pretty funny for europeans, because dropped calls just doesn’t exist and these lines wouldn’t work in europe.

hint: i don’t find the time to write about it more detailed right now, but pls don’t miss the “” which is going on in “klein-bloggersdorf” right now (check technorati). find more information at these blogs: probable source , bernd, patrick, martin and .

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