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customer evangelism – firefox crop circle

i’m a evangelist since their early days and the open source marketing website project was stroke of genius and a milestone in word-of-mouth marketing or better customer evangelism. the platform provides open conversation with their customers, information about what’s going on at mozilla and providing all kinds of material to help firefox users to spread the word.

this screenshot was taken on september, 16th 2004 when firefox hit 502,659 downloads (my blogpost).

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“you are our marketing department, a diverse community of people tired of swatting popups […] we’ll provide the tools, but you will drive campaigns that will be rolled out here over the coming months […] the community is spreading the word about firefox. millions of people are already using firefox and helping us chip away at internet explorer’s marketshare.”

said the website at this date. today firefox hit 206,168,203 downloads – which is an more than amazing success! due to firefox is gaining nearly 50% of microsoft internet explorer’s market share right now.

furthermore many firefox users turned into firefox evangelists and just made a 45,000+ square foot firefox crop circle – wow!

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more information about this project and more photos

and while waiting for firefox 2.0 try out my favorite firefox extension.

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