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smirnoff tea partay

smirnoff is seeding its recent viral clip via – a skit on rap videos starring some dorky white trash with cash, directed by little x (aka ), promoting the new line.

“this will be a nice test of youtube to see how effective it can be in generating awareness into sales. if smirnoff is happy to piss away money through a video that isnt really branding or establishing a clear sale, then it could fail eventually only being known as the . i myself don’t think there is enough brand mention or graphic treatment in establishing a new brand to create a lasting impression on the general consumer. also it’s not clear that its an ad, barring only a website mention. that spells obscurity to me.” via

ross is right that this is a nice test for smirnoff to check the effectiveness of a single youtube seeding spot and i think that the product mention and professionalism of the clip fits the irony what it makes a viral spot. like i wrote here, i still think:

“viral marketing campaigns or microsites often don’t boost the distribution of a product or service in a couple of days but rather support the brand in a more long-term perspective because of gaining attention – the most valuable commodity in advertising.

it shows kind of humour and that they are open for new ways in marketing – not a bad effort in my point of view, even if the viral microsite follow-up is still missing.

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