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ziphone – unlock and activate your apple iphone

i actually bought the apple iphone the day it came out and signed up regularly for the two year contract during the activation through itunes. but now i had a couple of friends from europe visiting who bought an iphone over here (in the us) and of course wanted to use it with their sim cards from germany, austria or uk. i still thought it’s quite a hassle to unlock, jailbreak and activate your apple iphone, but no! that’s the reason why i quickly wanted to share with you. a super slick and simple tool you download and install on your mac or windows computer, you press one button and three minutes later you can enjoy your fully functional, activated and free apple iphone – no contract, you can use any sim card anywhere in the world and everything including updates and syncing via itunes works perfectly.

“ziphone – iphone unlock tool by zibri. no computer knowledge required. enables you to activate your iphone on any network. you don’t need to provide any information to att. there is no need to soldering/opening your iphone. you can use it on as many iphones you want, it works with any iphone, any provider and any sim card in the whole world! actually you only need an iphone and a computer ().”

you’ll find the tool and more information at /