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as i wrote about sandvertising on friday i just found dogvertising. jung von matt neckar launched this dogvertising campaign promoting the alternative ad-free german radio station motor fm (100,6 mhz). they sprayed messages on dogs with washable colour: "no mainstream. motor fm 100,6" i like motor fm and this congenial idea. (via thespunker and trndblog) [tags: dogvertising, sandvertising, advertising, marketing, viral marketing]

unfortunately i don't speak any norwegian, but you'll like this nice flash game anyhow. when you enter the site, just press 'musikk' with music or 'bare lydeffekter' without music. then press 'start' twice, but read my instructions here first. to get the little sky diver off the catapult, hit the space bar, hold it and let it off when it is stretched