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ub313 – 10th planet found

i was always fascinated by astronomy, also caused by our highly gifted and enthusiastic teacher of physics at school, and it was always a hobby of mine; i loved books. unfortunately i don’t find the time to stay up-to-date in this issue right now, but i read about “” today – the 10th planet in our solar system:

“astronomers have confirmed that the newly discovered 10th planet is larger than . nicknamed ub313 for now, the new planet has a diameter of 3,000 km (1,850 miles) which is 700 km (435 miles) larger than pluto. these new observations were made using a sensitive sensor on the 30-m telescope that measured the heat emitted by the new object, and found it had a similar reflectivity to pluto. this allowed them to calculate its size.”

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this caused the discussion about the definition of and again.

so, school textbooks on astronomy may have to be rewritten … and there is so much more to come!

>> find a more scientific explanation here.

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and aren’t you fascinated by the beauty of pictures like this as well?

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