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bmw.de kicked out of the google index

the blog reported about using some days ago.

the google index is banning sites using doorway pages, keyword stuffing, or other tricks in order to keep the index as useful and clean as possible (see the and ).

“in a nut-shell, google’s guidelines go back to a single philosophy: webmasters should optimize for humans, not machines, because google doesn’t like to be cheated.”

because of the above mentioned doorway pages the complete german bmw website has been kicked out of the google index now.

“while bmw almost immediately removed the pages after the news broke (after having them live for almost 2 years), apparently it was too late. german bmw are now suffering what is known as the ‘google death penalty’: a ban from almost any imaginable top search result, and a degrading of the pagerank to the lowest possible value.”

definite but consequential.

read on what matt cuts wrote about this issue: “” and ““.

(via and )

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