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i don’t find the time these days to keep up to speed with what’s going in the viral, buzz and word of mouth marketing sphere. i discovered some nice blogable content during my recent trip to latvia and germany but that’s gotta follow post by post. talking about the european union – i recently found out about the .

“welcome to the youtube space of the european commission. find out more about a europe of action and results.

the profile contains all sorts of educational clips in and around the european commission/union. a deal with european films and one of the category “sex sells” is recently creating some buzz and traffic.

millions of cinema lovers enjoy european films … every year

fortunately the (now in a new layout) always keeps me up-to-date writing about the with the message “” and the award winner ““.

the wieden & kennedy making of clip of and an copying an earlier . and i found a report on a rather innovative approach to avoid speeding – in denmark.

there are also two new entries in my blogroll, and .