wwf charity event by lydia holdsworth and lucy keller

i had a great evening yesterday. i was in half moon bay to join a charity event, hosted by lydia holdsworth and her daughter lucy keller, for the world wildlife fund. it was a huge get-together for people from the valley and I met some folks I haven’t seen for a long time (yes, jerry, you’re one of them although i forgot to give you my new mobile number).

the event was part of the larger “safe the whales” campaign of the wwf and the setting really couldn’t have been better: a wonderful beach villa owned by mrs. holdsworth, former-wife of a us ambassador. the picture shows jerry and lucy keller, who was responsible for the event-management. thanks lucy, it was an awesome night and it was nice talking to you.

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  1. wow, that sounds awesome, is there any possibility to get in contact with Lucy?
    I’m very interested in organizing an event like that and it seems as if Lucy is the right person so it will be a great evening.

    Please let me know, if there is a possibility to get in contact with her.

    Best Wishes
    J. G.

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