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shave everywhere – philips bodygroom

bernd just pointed me to a viral microsite philips recently launched, it’s called encouraging men that it is ok “to shave everywhere”.

“the is the all-in-one grooming solution, exclusively for men, that safely trims and shaves all body zones. with the bodygroom, men can trim and shave hair from their chest & abs, underarms, groin area, legs, back and shoulders.”

i guess this is usually some kind of hushed up topic now brought to the table in a more funny viral microsite, a guy describing the enormous benefits of the philips bodygroom. don’t miss to click on the main menu in the lower left corner, to watch the “optical inch”, the “testimonials” and the “test drive”.

go to or (in german).

update – june 1. 2007: the campaign even comes with a .

in 2005 philips also launched .

plus a quick round-up of stuff i would otherwise miss out to mention, , , , , , and even more axe ads and microsites at the .

(round-up via )

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