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go2web20.net – the complete web 2.0 directory

is a nice and clearly arranged ajax/flash web 2.0 directory where you can easily browse through the future of the internet. clicking on a logo provides further information and backlinks for each company.

the site is designed and developed by in co-operation and based on the vision of my colleague .

“creating something like this is a ton of work. the site is nothing but a reflection of orli and eyal’s passion for what’s happening on the web right now … the same passion that is driving the success of this and other blogs dedicated to chronicling this period of web history.”

check out and orli’s other nice web 2.0 finds at the corresponding blog . picks like – an online radio engine with new attempts on visually discovering new music close to what you like, somehow similar to or – or pixer.us, an online photo editing tool and many more …

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