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campari red passion

campari recently launched a viral campaign for something called “red passion”, it seems to introduce a new product which will be released on the 23rd of november 2006. part of the campaign – becoming the basic viral seeding channels – are a , a , a , the microsite and a second providing three more clips.

“what i adore … strong and skillful people, tolerance and freedom, the ambiguous side of life, testing … in every sense, excitement and thrill, sharing, seeing and being seen. what i hate … strictness, simple-minded people, stupidity and foolishness, fear and shame, prejudice, meanness … in every sense and, more than everything, the lack of imagination. this is me, female, from a place you’ll never know. explore my world …”

more beautiful photos on flickr

the are very professional and artistic and the microsite provides some flash interaction. holding back the actual information about the advertised product makes people curious to find out what’s behind that campaign and it seems to work …

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