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new ipod shuffle

i was never really into , or , because it seals you off from the world around you (wow, that sounds pretty german). but as i don’t find the time to read all the nice blogs around anymore i got more into – first and foremost the – and as (my favorite radio station over here) is promoting the new so much, i went to and had a look at the recent mp3-players yesterday evening. after checking out the zune mediaplayer and the ipod video i realized that i don’t need another heavy item for watching photos and videos (my cell phone can do that) and finally decided for the new super mini – the perfect tiny solution for listening to podcasts – weight: 15 gram.

i was using before so i can just drag and drop some podcasts to my ipod like the recent now.

“ipod shuffle – put some music on”

here you find the new and and if you have some interesting podcast tipps, pls drop me a comment or email, thanks!

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