22 Ecommerce Growth Hacks

RJMetrics and Qualaroo put together an excellent whitepaper on innovative ways to acquire, convert, and retain your customers in an Ecommerce environment. They also aim to give an introduction to some of the best online tools for Ecommerce marketers as well as inspiration to invent the next great growth hack.

“Growth hacking is a blend of art and science that borrows from traditional marketing, engineeering, and user experience. It aims to put company growth above all else. In this paper we’ll share a few growth hacks that other ecommerce companies are using. We hope it inspires you to discover new ways to use data and technology to grow your business.”

Download the free whitepaper here

Further resources for “A Marketer’s Guide to Ecommerce Growth Hacking”:

The free whitepaper, webinar recording and the slides used.

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