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so many presents eke out a miserable existence in christmas time - onloved, mistreated, thrown away. the german initiative "gib geschenken ein zuhause!" (a home for presents) will help these presents getting a happier life. the aim is to find new owners for presents in need. watch the movie, take heart and help those onloved creatures. >> www.geschenken-helfen.de [tags: geschenken helfen, presents, christmas, viral

cause it is getting a little quiet these days in the viral marketing scene or rather most of the actual campaigns are not really worth writing about in my point of view, except the pretty cool "making of absolut apeach" microsite, this post just points to the crazy mtv show "free for all" by brett merhar (the team behind also

we all read about initiatives like the explorer destroyer or kill bill's browser. now i read at adrants that the microsoft internet explorer tries to strike back at mtv overdrive. "excuse us, mtv, but no, we don't. perhaps you haven't heard that firefox isn't just this little side project that a bunch of geeks work on in their spare time in-between discussing

today google will launch google music. "google music will provide searchers fast links to song lyrics, musical artists and cd titles on the main search results page. google music will allow a user to type in the name of a band, artist, album or song and the results will appear at the top, accompanied by icons of music notes. items that can be

the structured blogging initiative has been founded and is supported by the key player blog search engines and blog service providers. structured blogging will give bloggers the chance to ad some meta data to blog posts in order to make them more "structured" and machine readable. "structured blogging is a way to get more information on the web in a way that's