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why i love nokia

one week ago i killed my nokia 7610 – a fall from two meters high to a stony floor. display crash and nothing worked anymore (or maybe i just couldn’t see anything).

i went to a nokia shop nearby and they changed the display that day, but unfortunately this wasn’t the whole problem, so they said, that they have to send it to nokia. they didn’t even asked what happened.

today i got a call, that my mobile phone is back again repaired. i picked it up and had to pay nothing – this is really goodwill, cause the phone is already one year old and the crash was definitely my fault. new display, new keyboard, new software and i don’t know what they had to repair inside. but i have it back working perfect.

i’m already recommending my friends the nokia phones, because of the great and easy usability, intelligent features, the good and long lasting quality (hey, this was my fault, i don’t expect, that a mobile phone has to survive such a crash without any damage), their customer support and now also because of their great obligingness!

concerning quality: the week in between i used my seven years old “matrix phone” (nokia 8110) also working perfect, but at a lower technical standard 😉

so next time you don’t know what kind of mobile phone to buy – take a nokia!