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bloggers like to share their thoughts in public, sharing experiences, links, finds in the web, news, comprehensions and all kind of information, which he or she thinks it is worth talking about. everybody has the right to blog and there are millions of blogs around, some are interesting to you some are not.

usually blogs have a blogroll, which is a collection of links to other weblogs, which are of the same interest or just oftenly read or respected by the blogger. this creates a sphere around every blogger, a very densely interconnected blogger-network.

blogs have the advantage, that news are spreading faster than in any other media because of the densely knit networks. this is also very self-dynamical, sometimes it looks like a race, you want to be the first who blogged about something and credit somebody who found it before via trackback. journalists observe this phenomenon critically, because the informations are mostly not really validated, it is just free speech, but they cannot ignore blogs anymore staying up-to-date.

i just can say, that i switched from checking news-portals to checking my blogroll every morning, cause these news are mostly much more relevant for me and more actual than in any classic media.

i will write something about the social aspects of blogosphere later on, meanwhile feel free to read the interesting wikipedia-entry.

(i started blogging last september and while googling around and checking website statistics i just found my first blogroll-entry in another blog. merci bien