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what is it?

ebay launched a viral microsite about “it” – “the newest and hippest thing”. the site describes the developing and making of “it” by some witty clips.

two days ago noticed some strange and interesting ad banners running on yahoo which pointed to the website .

there were already some rumours about what “it” can be: “is it maybe an effort for what ebay will do with skype? points out that “it” can stand for ‘internet telephony’.” or “the assumption is that they’re launching a redesign within the next day or so”.

thus in the first hours it was not really identifiable that ebay has launched this viral marketing campaign and what “it” could be, only the color scheme was similar to the ebay logo.

in the end “it” turns out, that “it” is just a way to encompass everything available on .

“whatever it is, you can get it on ebay”

nice effort and watch the six clips at .

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