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the advantage in your car – reloaded

in june 2005 i wrote about the funny “” clip by and right now i saw the “same” clip in an ad-break at the .

the funny thing is, that it isn’t the same clip – they changed the music from an unpublished track to a special bloodhound gang song (you hear it and you can see it in the radio-display at the beginning obviously) and they “censored” the clip. now you can only imagine that the teddy and the bunny are having sex in different positions at the hat rack. but please compare by yourself:

>> first seeed “advantage in your car” clip

>> new bhg “advantage in your car” clip

update: the two cuddly toys are named “bunny & benny” and at the they are providing both flights featuring bremen mp74 – both in the censored version / uncensored version (via ).

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