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maxthon – the browser that rocks

i spend more than 90% of my time at work using a web browser, means that i really care about what browser fulfills all my needs of tabbed browsing, restoring sessions, mouse gestures, saving data, blocking ads, bookmarking, providing certain information on websites and so on. i switched between netscape, internet explorer, firefox, flock, opera, mozilla and recently came across a nice article about by ouriel ohayon.

“the big difference with other browsers is that maxthon is based on internet explorer code which makes the software very familiar from the beginning but with a few twists. unlike ie, it is very fast, safe and very stable and brings a unique browsing experience as it enables you to customize nearly any part of the software. like firefox, maxthon brings tabbed browsing, embedded RSS and podcast reader, search bar … but without necessity to add any extension. the key strength of maxthon is that it enables you to totally customize your browsing experience with extreme simplicity.”

after stumbling over maxthon on linkedin i met maxthon partner and svp in last week. net is a great guy with passion, a vision and an amazing team of engineers to make a meaning in the world of web browsers. thanks net, it was great meeting you!

so start your new browsing experience and give a try, you’ll love it!

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