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joost beta – invites available

with big thanks to i’m part of the testing phase right now.

“joost is a new way of watching tv on the internet. with joost, you get all the things you love about tv, including a high-quality full-screen picture, hundreds of full-length shows and easy channel-flipping. you get great internet features too, such as search, chat and instant messaging, built right into the program – so you find shows quickly and talk to your friends while you watch. and with no schedules to worry about, you can watch whatever you want, whenever you like – as often as you want. joost is completely free, and works with most modern pcs and intel mac-based computers with a broadband connection. !”

i was playing around with it for a little while and i have to say that i am impressed, it’s fullscreen free television on your computer, great quality and a wide range of to choose from ().

joost is in beta right now and you need an invitation to try it out. i still have a couple of invites left, so if you want to participate, just drop me an email at ‘netzkobold [at] gmail [dot] com’ with the subject ‘joost invite’.

more information at , , , .

update – may 23. 2007: dear readers, the feedback to this post/joost is overwhelming, i sent out 243 invites based on your requests. yesterday i found a maybe more immediate source to get a joost beta invitation, , ! if this doesn’t work out you can of course still drop me note via comment or email.

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