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joinr – a myspace killer?

robert was writing about today, which could be the new and better myspace made in germany. the project shall be launched in about two weeks in alpha mode, but their describing the progress of getting ready.

even if there are a bunch of already out there, i’m still missing the one. i really like (formerly known as openbc) as business platform, youtube as a video and flickr as a photo sharing service. myspace is trying to throw together all sorts of media content and might be big in the us, but their look and feel and programming is totally out-dated and not going to be successful in europe, it just looks awful and cheesy. . so there is still a chance for making it right, bringing the best together from existing standalone services, adding some smart features and wrapping it up in a sweet looking up-to-date technology social networking platform.

i hope they bring up something smart which attracts lots of people everywhere in the world. sign up for the , check out and they are open to all kinds of ideas and feedback (support [at] joinr.de) to make the best out of it. i’ll keep my fingers crossed and they have my support.

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