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google base – another piece in the grid

since a couple of days spreads through the blogosphere, but until now i have seen nothing more than a server error at .

like the writes:

“google base is a service to insert and share all types of content: events, housing, jobs, products, second-hand vehicles, … (view screenshot). the information will be included in the main google search index and other google products like froogle and google local […] we expect that ‘‘ – the new micropayments service among users – will be also introduced as a complement to google base.”

is this the start of a “deathmatch” against ebay and other services by google asks or is it more another piece in the google grid, where google combines all his services to a giant grid, knowing everything about you … a further step towards .

last year i spoke with an american amazon manager and he was proudly talking about how many data and buying patterns they are each day. they are hosting terabytes and terabytes of data about you in their data-warehouses using it for their recommendation systems and services.

if google combines all his services and collected data to one google grid, i think you don’t want to know, want they then know about you – take a look at google’s or and check out how many services you are already using – google search, gmail, froogle, maps?

i like the google services and i don’t want to be too pessimistic, but we should be aware of the risks of this megacompanies and stored data about us.

read more about google base at the here and .

(via and an )

addition (October 27. 2005, 23:41): just found tony ruscoe’s blog where he is checking google subdomains for possible new services via , who knows something more about ‘‘.

update (December 8. 2006, 10:53): the epic movie shows a potential future history of the media by , with music by – the links: , and .

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