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demo – premier launchpad for new technologies

as i was concentrating on more objective reports on what’s going on in the viral and online marketing scene in my blog, this will be my first blog post reporting live from the audience in san diego.

“demo is the premier launch venue for new products, technologies and companies. demo has established a reputation for identifying and presenting to an elite audience the products most likely to have a significant impact on the marketplace and market trends in the coming year.”

many of the companies presenting here are coming out of stealth mode right now, launching and presenting their product to the world for the first time ever. this is the next generation of the internet right in front of me and you can really feel the startup, entrepreneur and passion spirit in here.

as the first presenters at demo weren’t as attractive or helpful to me, really caught my attention. mojopac turns your usb device or ipod into your own personal game cartridge like device with your whole personal system on it. with mojopac you can carry the contents of an entire computer (operating system, settings, applications and content) on any portable storage device and connect to any pc worldwide to access and work with your contents and applications. i saw the demonstration and this is wicked cool!

as i want to keep my attention on what’s happening on stage i can not write about everything in detail right now, but keep an eye on the austrian company – a platform that merges enterprise collaboration and search behind a radically simple interface and – a fast, light-weight tool for accessing, creating and editing office documents in an online environment.

but most interesting for my actual job and many of my readers might be – a very powerful social media screening tool.

“the buzzlogic service is built around an intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard that quickly guides users to the conversations, influencers and content they need. easy-to-set up alerts notify practitioners (via email) when the volume around a conversation suddenly increases or other variances are exceeded, or even when a specific blogger joins a conversation […] buzzlogic applies the science of influence to social media such as blogs, wikis and forums. buzzlogic identifies the key influencers shaping and driving issues and conversations online, and enables marketing and communications practitioners to monitor, map, measure and engage with social media”

that will be the first booth at the pavilion to check out in detail. more to come …

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