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recently pointed me to this interesting and at the same time sad video called . collected snippets of youtuber edited by .

“we all take ourselves too seriously […] all i do is watching youtube […] don’t worry you are not alone […] it’s really hard to sit through them, it’s so fucking boring […] this is my first video blog – and i really have nothing to say […] youtube follows a similar pattern of addiction to drug abuse […] fuck me, fuck you […] this is the most pointless video […] i’m trying to hide my feelings […] i’m fake too, why else would i act like this moron-type character […] i want to be acknowledged and recognized […] the whole thing is a hoax”

this video clip shows the personal video blogging aspect of youtube as emerging social phenomenon of the next generation internet (don’t like the term 2.0 that much). personal video blogging is a even more extroverted further step in exposing yourself to a wide public like personal diary or have shown it before – real or , funny or sad, smart or just dumb, pointless, pathetic or arty – it shows the whole wide range of what is going, a mirror of our society nowadays? it somewhat reminded me of this video

(btw: youtube got recently for )

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