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under the radar – my6sense and soocial

i attended the on wednesday, met a lot of friends and made great new connections. i was impressed again by all the innovative ideas and startups presenting their services and products for the first time. i don’t want to go into detail about all of them, you can find some more info at but two of them really stood out for me.

my6sense ranks content from your different information streams based on what matters to you the most and allows you to interact in one click, it is focused on solving the ‘firehose effect’ of information deluge on mobile handsets.

“the amount of information that flows into our lives daily is growing rapidly. not only that, each information stream includes many pieces of content. the volume of information leads to lack of attention. the situation is getting worse with mobile. with our first consumer product, my6sense, we are aiming to solve a very big problem in a unique way — by presenting consumers information they need most”

“starting with cutting-edge machine learning technology, my6sense found an ingenious way to elicit the relevant variables needed for effective personalization. what is remarkable is that my6sense avoids added burden to the users and dramatically enhances the quality of their experience. the result is a groundbreaking solution for the mobile user.”

you can sign up to become an alpha user at / .

soocial provides a one address book solution to contact management. no matter where you add or change a contact, it will be changed in your other connected devices or web applications. a problem that most of us are facing everyday and soocial is providing a solution for it, hassle-free contacts across different platforms, computers, mobile devices and online address books.

“our philosophy is that there is no good hassle-free solution yet to the contact management problem. we aim to link all currently disconnected address books to each other. a change in one of these address books will result in a change in all your connected devices.”

read more about their approach here, soocial is available at / .

won most of the jury and audience votings – “dialplus enriches the standard phone call experience by automatically and simultaneously providing dynamic, contextually relevant visual information about the called or calling party before the call is answered, during the call and after the call is over”. two friends and partner companies announced their new services, iotum with and .

keep it going , , , , and , it was great to see you!