soft grooves

today i received the new thievery corporation dj session “outernational sound” and i am just listening and enjoying my sixth thievery album and wanted to recommend you this excellent chillin’ music!

with its melting pot of international influences, washington dc seemed a natural place for the birth of thievery corporation in 1995 – the dj-duo rob garza und eric hilton. it’s not easy to describe their kind of music, let me call it downbeat with elements of dub, reggae, triphop, brazilian, house, indian sounds, lounge-jazz, bossa, global beats and a bit of percussion … got confused? then just listen to these masters of the soft grooves and funked-up rhythms.

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  • herbalecstacy
    03/17/2010 at 06:16

    Hi, i just found this here when i did an fast google search. Neat website you have here! Keep it up!

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