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revver – smart twist in video sharing

while browsing my number one blogosphere news ressource these days (i just don’t find the time to surf through more blogs right now), caught my attention. no, it’s not just another uninspired video portal like , revver added a smart twist in the video sharing idea – paying the uploader/author.

“revver is the first viral video network that pays. we believe in your talent and your right to share it with the world on your terms. set your video free. when you upload your video to revver, we attach an unobtrusive advertisement to the end of it. we call this ‘revverizing’. whenever anyone clicks on that ad, you get paid. we host your video for free, give you the tools to share it with the world and split the ad revenue with you 50/50. it’s that simple. you can keep track of how much money you’re making every step of the way.”

so why uploading your video to when you can earn money for uploading it at . smart idea and we’ll see how much traction they are going to gain in the near future. i like it!

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update – october 19. 2006 at 10:03: i reported a slight problem with my blog and the embedded code via their bug report tool yesterday. short time afterwards i received a personal email from revver community manager alex asking me what blogging platform i’m using and solved the problem minutes later. that’s great customer care and that’s how you can engage users in sending in valuable feedback, having a conversation and turning them into evangelists. my videos are going to be up on from now on, that’s for sure …

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