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ping.fm – update all your life streams from one site

a little while back i received an invite for from ryan merket, who i worked with before. in short is a status update tool that sends your updates to a bunch of your favorite microblogging services like bebo, blogger, facebook, hi5, jaiku, linkedin, livejournal, myspace, pownce, tumblr and twitter and there are more to follow. you publish your update at and within seconds all services are updated with your message.

is a simple service that makes updating your social networks a snap.”

click to enlarge the screenshot

was created for the sole purpose of making it as easy as possible to share your posts with the world. now you don’t have to fumble around the web in order to post anymore, you can just post once, and be done with it. the idea came about when making some posts to twitter and tumblr. the idea of posting the exact same information in two places seemed a bit tedious, so was born.

you can update your status through the or a number of other tools like instant messengers or mobile email/sms, i usually use the iphone interface at .

this is an extremely handy tool and i love it. if you wanna check it out, just use the invite code “dreamofping” while .

update : just redesigned their ui (courtesy of and it looks great) and added more services like plaxo pulse, plurk, brightkite, mashable and xanga.