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nepal buddha boy

the word has spread quickly about the teenager’s meditation – the nepal buddha boy.

the 15 year old ram bahadur bamjan is already meditating for six months under a peepal tree in bara (nepal) and he will carry on for another six years until he gains enlightenment.

many people around bara worship him as the reincarnation of the (, 560 bc).

“the boy says he will have to meditate for six and a half more years, just like the gautama buddha. the buddha indeed did meditate in this fashion for seven years, however, after that time he came out of his meditation and stated that such extreme meditation was not the way to get full liberation. buddha left the palace because total indulgence is also not the way to achieve liberation. right between the two, a balance between the extremes, the buddha established as ‘the middle way’ which is the core of his teachings. so the point is that we don’t have to go through what the buddha went through to become enlightened. he illuminated mistakes along the path as well as the correct direction to go.”

now scientists from the royal nepal academy of science and technology will observe him without disturbing his meditation. if he should really be the reincarnation of the buddha, we will maybe hear of him again in around six years …

(via and authentic personality)

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