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my first viral clip – birdie nam nam

i recently thought about my first “viral clip”, made a quick google search and actually found it – very exciting! it was back in 1988 or so when a clip called “birdie nam nam” spread through our little amiga community, nothing special actually, three chicks rapping, not longer than 30 seconds, but at that time it was cool, sticky, funny and we loved it. does anybody remember this one?

click to watch birdie nam nam

and speaking of nostalgia, i told my new friends in the states about my favorite television series when i was a kid/teenager, unfortunately they didn’t know that many of them, maybe because they just made it a little later to germany or i’m just too old, stuff like (ein trio mit vier fäusten), , , , (ein colt für alle fälle), , , , , , , , (sancho & pancho), (wunderbare jahre) and my all time favorite (but i’m more into the comics, got all of them), plus a couple of german ones.

anyhow, good times … have a great easter weekend and tell me what did you watch when you were young?

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