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jajah pushing the button

i’ve been with for quite a while now and very happy to be part of this amazing international team. i rarely blog about our own services but we are launching these days and i have to share this with you.

finally realize free and seamless voice communication in online communities and email, it is one-click calling out of e-mails, websites, blogs or any social network profile – the first personal, truly global toll-free click-to-call service.

my friends and family can now call me by simply typing in their phone number into at absolutely no cost, i can add the button to my blog or email signature making it easy to stay in touch.

initiating a call through a is as easy as entering your very own phone number and clicking ‘call’. the buttons are completely customizable (size, color, style) and you can you set the time when you are free to accept phone calls, they are available as a flash widget (see below), click-to-call buttons (see my sidebar) or a simple plain text link like .

as a business it is the quickest, cheapest way to a very own toll-free number and the easiest way for their customers to call them at absolutely no cost to them. this is adding the voice layer on any existing web property out there while protecting your privacy, your phone number will not be revealed.

more information visit

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