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cubic telecom eliminates roaming charges

today my friends and presented their recent brainchild at the – the .

“we are an innovative global communications company focused on introducing simple, high quality and high value telecommunications services. our core target market is aggrieved customers across the globe who don’t understand why they can’t get value for money when making international calls and roaming.”

the virtually eliminating outrageous roaming charges.

“maxroam is our brand new mobile roaming product. if you put a maxroam sim in any standard gsm mobile phone, it will allow you to reduce your mobile phone bill by as much as 80% when you are traveling. our customers can use their mobile phones exactly as they do now. nothing to download, nothing to install, no internet connection required. if you talk to anyone anywhere who has ever traveled with their mobile phone, every single one of them will tell you that the most frustrating thing is to get home and receive an outrageous bill from their mobile operator the next month. if you want to get cheaper rates from your mobile operator, you have to jump through all sorts of hoops. if you are from north america, some of you cannot roam with your mobile phone even if you want to. maxroam is the world’s first truly borderless sim.”

it’s late now and i will give you some more insights on this wicked cool product later on, for now please check out the cubic telecom and site for further details and pls take a second to vote for my friends.

i put up , if you want to meet me there, give me a call.

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