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free landline and mobile calls with jajah

first – what is jajah? jajah is a simple where you type in your own phone number (landline or mobile) and the number you want to call (landline or mobile) – your phone will ring, pick it up and you will be connected to the desired destination for free. your computer is not needed anymore after you have initiated the call and you are using your own regular phone.

second – what is free? now provides free telehone calls between landline and mobile phones. the jajah free global calling plan applies to landline and mobile calls to and within the united states, canada, china, hong kong, singapore and taiwan and the plan also applies to landline calls to and within australia, the united kingdom, germany, france, italy, spain and nearly all . it applies when both call participants are registered jajah users.

“jajah’s free global calling plan is the further realization of jajah