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def mini records

ingeborg trampe, director corporate communications from , is sending out emails promoting the new “viral” microsite with the words:

“Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,

heute Nacht ist eine fantastische Kampagne gestartet, die jeden Musik-Liebhaber begeistern wird.

Die Kollegen von Interone und .start haben gemeinsam für den Kunden MINI ein eigenes Plattenlabel gegründet: Def MINI Records.
Künstler aus den unterschiedlichsten Musikrichtungen performen Songs über die Zuverlässigkeit des neuen MINI Cooper. MC Massive rappt ‘Solid as a rock’, R’n’B kommt von ASC&T mit ‘Stop driftin around’ und ‘The Brakes’ rocken ihren neuen Hit ‘Save me’. Beworben wird die Kampagne in verschiedenen Kanälen wie Online, Print, Outdoor und am PoS. Ein tolles Projekt, das zeigt, dass BBDO Germany mit TotalWork ganz neue Wege der Vermarktung geht.

Da virale Kampagnen wie diese von der Partizipation der User leben: Unterstützt die Kollegen der Interone, hört euch die tollen Songs an und schickt den Link an Freunde und Bekannte!

Beste Grüße,

Ingeborg Trampe”

i’m sorry, i’ve seen funny, sexy and smart viral campaigns and microsites but i’m not getting this one. looks more like – client (in this case ) to the agency (interone and .start) “could you do something viral for us … for the youth?” and the agency later on just put together what they may have heard of viral marketing “let’s do a microsite, something with music, and videos and … yeah, let’s just put this together, they’ll like it”. – maybe i was judging to early, read on.

the new bmw mini is such a great product, they totally got how to move their brand from a to a cool brand and remodeled car. they had great viral campaigns like the “” which spread like a wildfire (unfortunately the is not active anymore). the microsite provided videos, stories and instructions where colin mayhew from oxford was building robots with parts of the mini.

but back to , the site welcomes you with screaming teenagers pushing you to watch the n’cap video which is so bad that it reminds me to ““, but not as funny. i just clicked a little further and found the “about” videos like , or , which are quit ironic.

i have to give em that, they were putting a lot of effort and money into this project and i wish it all the best, but i’m not sure if this is going to spread virally. who is the target group? teenagers around 14 which might buy a car in about 4 years? it’s definitely not me.

but take a look by yourself –

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