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consumer empowerment

and launched a new blog called “ – give them power. see sales grow”.

paul and martin are observing the buzz marketing scene since years and this blog will illustrate and comment on the new marketing trend of letting consumers call the shots on marketing and innovation decisions.

it is well known that consumers are getting more and more power and influence via , more choices on what they use or buy, more transparency by the internet and websites, where people can post there opinion about a product easily like , or . less known is the fact, that “consumer empowerment” can be used as an strategic option for a company; leaving more scope for decision-making to the customers can have amazing positive effects and leads to a lot of word-of-mouth (see also ).

examples where customers are consistently involved in decision-making are from london, from australia or (if you have more examples where customers are involved in searching a name for a product, the bottle design or anything else, then please feel free to comment on this article or drop me an email).

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>> interesting related article at msnbc “new ad age” [pdf].

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