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The best AI tools for marketers and startups

This short article shall serve as a regularly updated list of tools that allow marketers and startups in general to analyze vast amounts of data, personalize experiences, automate tedious tasks or simply make our lives easier so we can focus on crafting more strategic and creative campaigns.

Video editing
· Capsule: Capsule simplifies video editing for non-professionals, allowing users to create professional-looking content with minimal effort.

· Descript: Similar to Capsule, Descript offers an intuitive video editing experience, making it accessible for non-professionals to produce high-quality videos.

· Sequence: Sequence focuses on collaboration workflows for professional video editors, integrating seamlessly with tools like Premiere and Final Cut Pro.

· Runway, Pika, krea.ai – These tools offer innovative features in video editing, leveraging AI to enhance and streamline the editing process for both amateurs and professionals.

Image creation & design

· Midjourney: Midjourney provides advanced AI-driven tools for creating stunning images, catering to both artists and marketers.

· ImageFX: A free-to-use tool by Google, ImageFX allows users to create and enhance images with powerful AI features.

· Ideogram: Ideogram leverages AI to create innovative and visually striking images, ideal for marketing and artistic projects.

· Visual Electric: Visual Electric specializes in creating DALLE-style images, enabling users to generate unique and creative visuals with AI.

· Modyfi: Modyfi provides advanced tools for motion graphics and image diffusion, allowing users to create highly controllable and professional-quality visuals, combining features of tools like After Effects and Photoshop.

· Galileo AI: Galileo AI assists designers with automated design suggestions and enhancements, improving efficiency and creativity.

AI Copy Generation
· Anyword: Anyword predicts the performance of AI-generated content and ensures all copy aligns with the brand’s voice and guidelines, seamlessly integrating across various tools.

· Byword: Byword excels in generating SEO-oriented blog articles at scale, making it ideal for businesses looking to boost their online presence through content marketing.

· Typeface: Typeface offers multimodal content generation, providing a versatile solution for creating various types of content, from text to multimedia.

Channel Incrementality, Experimentation, and Media Mix Modeling

· Haus: Haus specializes in channel incrementality testing, helping businesses measure the true impact of their marketing channels and optimize their strategies accordingly.

· Eppo: Eppo is an end-to-end experimentation platform that facilitates comprehensive A/B testing and data analysis, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions.

· Recast: Recast focuses on media mix modeling, allowing marketers to analyze and optimize the allocation of their advertising budget across various channels for maximum effectiveness.

Brand Management and Alignment
· Brand AI: Brand AI helps companies define their brand standards and ensures these standards are consistently applied across all departments and materials, maintaining a cohesive brand identity.


· Claude by Anthropic: Claude is an AI bot designed for conversational interactions, offering intelligent and human-like responses.

· Perplexity: This AI bot excels in providing detailed and accurate answers to user queries, enhancing knowledge and customer support services.

Content creation

· Copy.ai: Copy.ai helps marketers and content creators generate engaging and effective copy quickly, using AI to streamline the writing process.

· Writesonic: Writesonic offers AI-powered tools for creating high-quality written content, from blog posts to marketing copy.


· Wordtune: Wordtune enhances writing by suggesting improvements in grammar, tone, and style, making it an essential tool for writers and editors.

Short videos

· Submagic: Submagic focuses on creating engaging short videos, perfect for social media and marketing campaigns.

Voice & music generation

· Suno: Suno uses AI to generate realistic voice and music tracks, catering to creators in the media and entertainment industries.

· ElevenLabs: ElevenLabs provides advanced voice synthesis and music generation tools, making it easier to produce high-quality audio content.

Knowledge management

· Notion AI: Notion AI integrates with the popular productivity tool Notion, offering AI-driven knowledge management and organization features.

Transcription & meeting assistants

· Fireflies.ai: Fireflies.ai automates meeting transcription and note-taking, enhancing productivity and collaboration.

· Otter.ai: Otter.ai provides accurate transcription and meeting assistance, making it easier to capture and organize meeting details.


· Reclaim.ai: Reclaim.ai automates and optimizes scheduling, helping users manage their time more effectively.


· Gamma: Gamma offers AI-powered tools for creating engaging and professional presentation decks.

Website builder

· Durable: Durable simplifies website creation with AI, allowing users to build and maintain professional websites with ease.


· Codeium: Codeium offers AI-assisted coding tools that enhance developer productivity and code quality.

· Devin by Cognition: Devin provides AI-driven coding assistance, helping developers write and debug code more efficiently.


· Inbox Zero: Inbox Zero uses AI to manage and organize emails, aiming to help users achieve a clutter-free inbox.

Outbound sales

· SellScale: SellScale leverages AI to enhance outbound sales efforts, improving lead generation and customer engagement.

· Letterdrop: Letterdrop is a comprehensive content operations platform that streamlines content creation, collaboration, and distribution for marketing teams.


· Deeptune: Deeptune offers AI-powered dubbing services, providing high-quality voiceovers for videos in multiple languages.

Prompt engineering

· PromptLayer: PromptLayer assists with AI prompt engineering, optimizing how users interact with AI models for better results.

Key Insights

· Content creation: AI tools such as Descript and Midjourney have revolutionized content creation, enabling small teams to produce a wide variety of content. For copywriting, tools like Anyword, Grammarly, and Letterdrop are enhancing the quality and efficiency of output. While human oversight is still essential to plan, produce, measure, and align content to customer needs, the ability to generate content rapidly has led to an increase in experimentation, and dare we say, playfulness with some brands? With GenAI creative tools and writing assistants now commonplace, teams have much more internal ownership of their brand development and processes and are driving a far higher volume of content creation than previously expected.

· Hyper-personalization: AI is unequivocally empowering marketers by allowing teams to create personalized experiences for multiple target audiences simultaneously. The concept of resource allocation is being reconsidered as teams can now extend their reach and effectiveness. Even lean teams can create hyper-specific content for a number of customer journeys, allowing for additional insights and learning.

· Optimization: It didn’t take long for AI to begin optimizing performance marketing budgets, creative processes, and team operations. It’s becoming clear that the teams who are effectively integrating AI into their marketing processes, identifying repetitive tasks and then automating them, are reaping significant operational leverage. Marketing is a department, like any other, tasked to drive business goals forward. New creative and content tools help ensure costs grow slower than top-line revenue. This optimization spans performance marketing, creative production, and team workflows.

AI’s impact on team structures

· Enhanced productivity: GenAI is a tool that teams are now encouraged to maximize before, say, expanding their headcount or leaving all of the brainstorming up to a costly creative agency. Teams can achieve more with less and can focus on strategic goals without losing the ability to iterate.
· Specialized tools: Various AI tools are being integrated into marketing workflows to accelerate creative processes and gain insights efficiently. For instance, Midjourney is used for conceptualizing visual ideas, while synthetic panels for research provide quick and accurate market insights. These tools streamline the creative process, allowing for rapid iteration and validation. Randomized control trials and AB testing are critical in determining the best-performing campaigns. Tools like Eppo — an end-to-end experimentation platform — can be a huge help here.
· Content ownership: Teams are leveraging AI to experiment with and validate concepts quickly. This approach facilitates focused production efforts so final outputs align more closely with initial ideas. The integration of AI in ideation stages helps teams to produce content that is both innovative and on-brand.