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attracting interest via word-of-mouth

merle schmalenbach from the financial times germany just published an article about the basics of viral marketing and ways how to attract consumers via word-of-mouth. it’s a short wrap up but doesn’t go to deep even though she got in touch with some of the leading voices in this field in germany like thomas zorbach from vm-people, martin oetting from trnd as well as sascha langner. most of the examples mentioned are pretty dated but what it comes down to is that we trust the recommendation of a friend or co-worker much more than any company and that creative and original ideas are the key to viral spread and driving word-of-mouth.

friend and former colleague thomas zorbach also talks about one of their most recent projects, an ‘alternate reality game‘ (arg) surrounding the launch of zoë beck’s new thriller “das alte kind“. read the whole article here (in german).