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seven days out – please vote on november 4th

the upcoming election won’t be decided by tv ads, news cycles, or the polls – it will be decided by you! voting is absolutely crucial, important and every single vote counts! 537 people decided the 2000 election so yes, every vote counts! here is a great customizable viral video that you can .

and if you still have the feeling you don’t know enough about barack obama, here is a great provided by , with news clips, pictures and a lot of background information. you can share this timeline via

“we’re coming around the turn. america recognizes that at this time in history, with so much at stake, with the economy nose-diving, with two wars and the threat of terrorism, the threat of climate change, we need to do something fundamentally different. and all of you are the shock troops.” – barack obama

only seven days out – so please vote on november 4th!

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more material: , and the official