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plazes – adding physical presence to the web

i joined exactly 679 days ago and recently met plazes co-founder felix petersen and new managing director stephanie staar in mountain view, california. a great team and they have big plans for the future.

“plazes adds physical presence to the web. the automatically detects your location and connects you to people and places nearby. see people in your area, discover other locations and follow the whereabouts of your friends. locations within plazes are not just global coordinates they carry significance to you and your friends. you can name locations like “home” or “my office”. represent your locations by how you relate to them and discover other significant locations. relate to other locations by adding pictures, comments, and reviews. plazes can also be told to remember the locations you visit so you can review your travels.”

the team recently launched which let’s you sign-up, invite friends, check-in at a plaze or find plazes and friends nearby via your cell phone – it’s a no-frills full-blown mobile access channel to plazes.

to sign up via your cell phone simply send “join” followed by your desired “username” and “password” as a text message to +17184079566 (in the united states) or +4917688811133 (in germany), more countries are going to follow.

know where your friends are, discover new wifi hotspots or just cool plazes nearby and make new friends, add your physical presence to the web and . find out more in the , , visit the or stay tuned at the .

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