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jajah mobile

i’m using the voip-phone now for a couple of weeks. i like the large spectrum of features and now they also have a application.

offers the cheap to your normal mobile phone … maybe this is revolutionary, how they say, cause i never heard of something like this before.

all you have to do is to log on with your mobile phone (wap or browser) to http://mobile.jajah.com, type in your existing jajah login-data (username, password plus mobile phone number). then you can call every landline, mobile number or jajah user, but please read the detailed explanations at their own blog or the first review by the .

The highest savings are on calls to mobile phones in other countries, to expensive inland mobile operators. Many users who have high mobile tarifs during working hours or because of using a prepaid mobile will also find JAJAH mobile a real benefit.

take a look by yourself or try out the really recommendable .