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google adwords goes real world

google has confirmed that they are already testing their first offline advertising program with . google’s real world answer to .

“the chicago sun-times is the first newspaper to participate in the search engine’s test of offline advertising. google has run ads in magazines as part of a test that started late last year.”

allows you to create ads to be run in “print” publications. the offline ads even look like google adwords.

“google makes the majority of its profits through contextual search advertising, which is the placement of sponsored links in search results; and through the placement of ads on web sites that are network partners.

in the third quarter, google reported more than a six-fold increase in net income to $381.2 million from $52 million during the same period a year ago. revenues rose 96 percent to $1.58 billion.

google apparently is testing the possibility of expanding its advertising network to the offline world. Beyond saying that advertisers have reacted favorably to the test, the search engine has declined to discuss specifics.

‘we’re looking at developing new ways to provide effective, useful advertising for our advertisers, and this test is part of that continuing effort’ a spokesman said.”

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