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german engineering in da house ya

i found one of the new phat volkswagen golf gti mk v commercials some days ago and i’m now finding more and more of them.

the commercials are giving the volkswagen golf a new cool and fresh international image and i really share the kind of humour of the .

it looks like there are two different commercial series running, one is based on “” ( playing with grave german accent)

“inside most, but not all of us there is a fast”

then there is another series as cool as it could be with some pimped up cars called “un-pimp your ride”.

“what time is it? i don’ know!? time to un-pimp ze auto!”

> un-pimp your ride series spot I, spot II, spot III

> and spot I, spot II, spot III, spot IV

“the fast comes standard […] pre-tuned by german engineers”

very nice commercials – well done !

(via and advertising/design goodness)

update – february 26. 2006 at 20:36: the “un-pimp your ride” spots are starring , known from the cult movie or – thanks to patrick at for this extra information.

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