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cws commercial – say no to dirt

at we were discussing if you can do for nearly every product, even for more “boring” products or services which don’t come with a sticky viral message or adjective by itself – being extremely innovative, exciting, enormous, beautiful or extraordinary like the for instance.

the bottom line – yes you can, given the fact that it is still a “good” product or service, bringing a benefit/making a meaning to the world and not something completely wasting your time. it’s surely harder though compared to an exciting product by itself but truly possible.

did a great job setting up the providing background information and insights working with professional bonded anchors like the and connecting opinion leaders in this area of expertise.

another great example of creating buzz about a rather white-bread product like a self-cleaning toilet is the new commercial ““.

click to watch the video on youtube

complete washroom solutions launched a nice starring , giving cws a fresher and younger image and definitely rising awareness.

(via , song: benny benassi “satisfaction”)

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